IVF and IUI Support

Did you know?

Clinical studies have shown that women who had acupuncture in conjunction with IVF had a greater chance of having a successful embryo transfer, compared to those that had no treatment. Relaxing the patient with acupuncture may reduce the biological stress response, thereby increasing blood flow to the uterus which in turn helps to facilitate the transfer and implantation.

Acupuncture Regulates Hormones – Creating Better Egg Quality

Acupuncture helps to normalize dysfunction of the Hypothalamus- Pituitary – Ovarian Axis. Improving ovarian function creates more follicles leading to better egg production. It has also been suggested that the concentrations of central opioids may regulate the function of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis via the central sympathetic system. Thus a hyperactive sympathetic system in anovulatory patients could be normalized by ElectroAcupuncture (Chen and Yin, 1991). It has been assumed that various disorders in the autonomic nervous system, such as hormonal disturbances, may be normalized during auricular (ear) acupuncture (Gerhard and Postneck, 1992).www.acubalance.ca/res_medical_reduction.php.

Acupuncture Lessens Side Effects From Clomid

Clomid often causes the uterine lining to thin, which is detrimental to becoming pregnant. Acupuncture may help the uterine lining to thicken and become more uniform. This is a result of increased blood flow to the uterine arteries.

IVF Assistance

Studies have shown that acupuncture increases blood flow to the uterine arteries creating a thicker, more regular lining allowing for IVF to be more successful. Acupuncture also improves ovarian blood flow to increase ovarian response.

Decreases Uterine Contractility at Implantation

Study: Influence of Acupuncture on the pregnancy rate in patients who undergo ART. (Fertility and Sterility Vol77, April 2002)

“Acupuncture May Improve Success Rate of IVF Pregnancies: Patients in the acupuncture group received two acupuncture sessions – the first treatment before embryo transfer, the second treatment after the transfer. In the acupuncture group, the pregnancy rate was “considerably higher” – 34 women (42.5%) were carrying a fetal sac at the time of examination.” “Relaxing the uterus with Acupuncture treatment allows for more successful IVF.” www.acupuncturetoday.com/archives2002/jul/07ivf.html,www.acupuncturetoday.com/archives2002/jul/07ivf.html

Acupuncture Decreases the Chance of Miscarriage

Acupuncture relaxes the uterus, increases blood flow to the uterus, warms the uterus, increases the immune system, regulates the hormones and decreases stress, all increasing the chance for a sustained pregnancy.

Acupuncture increases the success of the IVF cycle

  • In preparation for a cycle we try to have a minimum of eight acupuncture sessions before transfer
  • We highly recommend having acupuncture sessions as close as possible. These two treatments alone have been shown to increase the success of a cycle from 26% o 42%!

However for those who do not have three months of preparation time there are still many ways Chinese medicine can increase the success of your fertility. It has been shown that Chinese Medicine still can have incredible benefits, even when used short-term. So it is never too late!

Please read through all the fertility and IVF + IUI Support related information on this site and check the Articles and Research tab where you can find listed many of the recent research articles showing the benefits of Chinese Medicine for fertility. As Western Medicine is learning and seeing the ability of Chinese Medicine to increase successful pregnancies it is becoming a recommended therapy by many doctors and fertility centers.