Clients often ask: “what can I do on my own to help?”

This is a very important question to ask, and the answer is – there is a lot you can do!

Targeted nutrition and supplements

Optimizing your diet regime is an important step to take when trying to get pregnant. How should you be eating? Studies have shown sticking to an eating plan that keeps your blood sugar steady, and in an optimal range, can have a positive result on fertility outcomes. Reducing your carb intake, incorporating more healthy fats (coconut oil, olive oil), and eating enough protein – these are key.

There are several supplements you can add into your daily regime as well:
Co-enzyme Q10 (studies have shown this can improve egg quality and help maintain egg reserves)
Omega 3 fatty acids
Kelp (available in liquid form – just a few drops a day can support thyroid function)
B vitamin complex, selenium (for combating stress)
Meditation, breathing and visualization

Heart-tree Meditation

This is a great meditation for when you are in distress, a stress crisis or for eliminating negative energies. This is the principle meditation for building up the spindle cell network, ie: the apex of emotional integration of body-mind. While lying in bed (or on the earth) interlace your fingers and cup your hands at the solar plexus near the bottom of the sternum with the sense that you are holding the root ball of the Heart-tree. Drop the tongue into the belly and cease thought by feeling into the heart, and now build the trunk of the tree extending into your head. Then look up with your eyeballs and pull your Mind’s Eye into the canopy of the brain and see-feel a branched tree reaching up into the prefrontal cortex and crown. Feel “light” moving through the branches of the brain canopy while feeling the roots of the Heart-tree in your solar plexus amplified by your interlocked hands. As you do this you are setting up a resonant field from the heart direct to the spindle network, thereby greatly feeding the sovereign self with the nectar of conscious elevated presence. You will need to breathe more deeply and slowly to maintain your grip on this high energy state. Toning HUM with the mouth closed releases the diaphragm (roots) and energies and cleans the spindle cell brain canopy (shoots). While lying down the legs must be either straight or gently raised with a pillow under the knees. Hands can be clasped higher up on the chest or lower on the solar plexus to widen the territory for the seat of the heart, relieve blockage and increase coherent, sympathetic resonance—and present a different octave for the brain charging.